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Personal Umbrella Insurance in St. Charles, IL and Aurora, IL

Sometimes, a typical home insurance policy or auto insurance policy just isn't enough. This is where personal umbrella insurance comes into play.

Your coverage has its limits, but you might need more to be protected in your circumstances. Brian Feltes & Associates provides personal umbrella insurance to customers in St. Charles, Aurora, Oswego, Geneva, DeKalb and surrounding areas.

What Can Personal Umbrella Insurance Do For You?

Here are a few scenarios in which personal umbrella insurance can be vital:

  • If you get a significant liability claim or judgment against you
  • While driving, you cause a multi-car accident
  • A flood that started in your home spreads and damages your neighbor's home
  • Someone slips and falls on your property

In the case of catastrophe and you reach your underlying liability limits on a policy (such as a home or auto insurance policy), personal umbrella insurance can help.

Compared to the amount of liability coverage you receive, the costs can be minimal. Personal umbrella insurance can come in many forms, protecting you from such issues as:

  • Bodily injury
  • Landlord liability
  • Legal fees
  • Other legal damages (e.g., libel or slander)
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage

Keep in mind that personal umbrella insurance doesn't apply to any business. This means that if you have a home-based business and there is damage to your personal property, it would not be covered. Also, if you cause damage to your own property, it would not be covered by personal umbrella insurance. But if something happens to someone else because of your negligence, you may be covered once any underlying policy limits have been exhausted.

Additional Protection for Additional Peace of Mind

If you own property, have significant savings or do innocuous activities that could potentially incur costly lawsuits, personal umbrella insurance might be right for you. In the event you are close to retirement and have substantial savings, a costly lawsuit could devastate you.

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